Launch Of Our Online Store

Hello New and Prospecting Members,
Today we wanted to announce that we will be opening our store very soon. We are off and on with when we would like to launch our store as open for business. As there are still details we need to figure out. For now, we have decided on the open date of January 1st, 2021.
What does this mean? We have had to adjust our thoughts for our business as we learned more about the industry. We will be starting with opening our store having a few products available as we build up our catalog. As time goes on we plan to add more Canadian made products and Canadian brands that we can have available for you. As we start out shipping it will seem like it will take a while and we are going to be completely transparent about why that will be. As we are starting our business we are jumping into this with our own money that we make from our full-time jobs but we will do our best to help you out as we can. Some products might be faster than others, as we will have a few that will be fullied by the suppliers. If you have any questions about anything message us on our social media platforms.
That's all for now and thanks for your patience. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for more news and updates from The Cannabish Club.
All the best,
The Founding Members of The Cannabish Club

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