New Face, Fresh Start

Hello fellow stoners, bishbers and anyone in-between.

The Cannabish Club has been busy away the last few month building something new and something that fits our brand. We realized as a company we were lacking in a lot of areas and not pushing towards why we started this company. Now that we have given ourselves a fresh new face we hope this will push a new level of trust with customer and the community that follows. What does that mean? Well with this rebrand not only have we greatly improved on our look but trying to narrow down who we are.

We are first and foremost the starting of a Club that anyone in the stoner community is aloud to join but we are also more than that. We are a brand and as a brand we need to share our values on why our products are worth while. Not only that we also don't have a proper store front in which is something we would love to do when the time comes.

Where do we go from here? We are headed down a path of new discovery. Since we started our business we had our own product idea that we wanted to bring to the market and we clearly got distracted by being a new brand that had no idea on what we were doing. None of the Founders have ever ran a business before now we all have grown learning from our mistakes. We now can let you know that we are working hard behind the scenes to get our very first product ready for market and we want to get people excited about it. We really think it will change the experience of enjoying herbs with friends or alone.

That's all for now.

Please share the news and lets make history for stoner.

Happy Holidays

The Cannabish Club

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