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The New Site

Dear Members and Prospecting Members

It's crazy to think we opened only a month ago and now we are changing where our site is sitting. We have changed from Wix to Shopify. We will be honest, Wix was just causing more problems then solutions for what we wanted for our business. Not to mention the difficulty of trying to create a place for our brand and the products we want to show off. First is our new site and its rules. Mandatory Accounts, Identification checks and date of birth access.

The Mandatory Accounts is a system that helps us control and verify that you are of age. As we make sure we are following all the guidelines to ensure that we can be open for all our members. As this is a fairly new concept and there is not much experience of other companies to follow. We are doing our best to bring you all your Cannabis consuming needs.

The Identification check is the next system in place to help stop the purchases from minors. The first order will ask for this verification in which it will ask you to upload your ID then ask for a photo to compare it to. Once this is complete your order will continue through processing and we will work on getting it to you as soon as possible. 

Date of Birth Access is our third and first layer of protection from distributing to minors. We understand this must seem like a lot of guidelines to follow but we are just trying to help our members get the best from us and our products. Which includes being of age in our province.

If you have been following us we do appreciate your support as we continue down this journey. The store is about to have more improvements, and more products to come. We are so proud and excited to see where we go.

But that is all for now.

Keep blazing, keep jamming and stay lit.

From with our bishness,

The Founding Members of The Cannabish Club

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