The History Of The Unofficial Stoner Holiday

The History Of The Unofficial Stoner Holiday

Are you an avid smoker? Do you make 420 references in your daily life? If yes, I have one final question, do you know where the term 420 first began? If the answer is no then you have come to the right place. In honor of the unofficial holiday, we are going back in time to find out where the term 420 originated. 

Some people used to think that the term began in the Netherlands for their “tea time”. Others believed it came from the active chemical components in turn adding to 420. With some people contemplating it may have to do with the birthday of Adolf’s history. However, none of these assumptions are correct. It began in California with 5 teenagers.

Imagine you’re back in the 70’s you’re in high school with your friends and you hear about a coast guard who has a crop of marijuana with and a treasure map leading to the crop. Do you follow the map and look for it? Yes! Of course! That’s how it started, in the year 1971, 5 Californian athletes heard about an untended crop that had a treasure map to use to find the “treasure”. 

The 5 teenagers from the group of friends were known as “The Waldos”. They would meet up after practice weekly to go on a treasure hunt to find the unattended crop of marijuana. What time did they decided to meet at? You guessed it 4:20 pm. This led to The Waldos reminding each other to meet at 4:20. At this time they would go and search for the crop. After they finished practice they would all meet up, get in a car, smoke some forbidden plants, and go in search of the dope, that we know today as marijuana. 

You may now be wondering, how did some high school kids who used this term spread it globally? For that, we look to the band Grateful Dead. The students had connections with the band with open access. When they went to any of the concerts the band was hosting they would be backstage and on stage coining the term whenever someone passed a joint saying, “Hey 420”. From there it began to spread worldwide. 

Nowadays, worldwide people use the term 420 when they want to enjoy the plant, and is often used by fellow stoners. When you say 420 everyone understands the meaning behind it. While back when it first started it was used when around parents and teachers so that they could keep it a secret about their extracurricular activities. 

As this year's unofficial holiday comes and goes we hope you enjoy your day and remember how we came to celebrate 420. As a gift to our shoppers, we want to celebrate the holiday, so for today only we are offering a discount. As the years go on we should remember where it all began. Remembering the past helps us all know to celebrate 420 on April 20th, 2021. Happy 420!!

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