We Are Open!

Hello members and prospecting members,
Happy New Year! It is official we're finally open and we are just getting started on building our catalog so please let us know of any Canadian-made or brands and we will work on getting it in stock for you. First, we want to share that this is an exciting time for us. Not only are we finally open, we are trying to get our first ever business moving along. We have made our first order of products and they are in the works to get moving and will be on the site very soon. As well we have our first few products available from Oak and Earth creations. A company based in Alberta working with the goal of environmentally responsible smokeware. It is super exciting to get to work with this company and are pumped to finally allow a place to share Canadian Made and Canadian branded cannabis accessories.
We also would like to extend the offer to anyone who has ideas or have products they would like us to sell. Feel free to message us and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. We are working hard on getting moving and working on making it as smooth as possible for each person who buys from us. You can always get in touch with us on our social media platforms or just send us a quick email.
That is all for now. Stay positive and happy and let's grow in the new year.
The Founding Members
The Cannabish Club

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